As one of the leading companies in Europe, we specialise in the manufacture of conveyor belt drums in a wide range of dimensions and technical specifications. With our many years of experience, we understand the exact requirements that different industries have and exactly how we can meet them. Our highly motivated and expertly trained team is at the heart of our success. Their core task is to fulfil customer requirements precisely and to learn from every project.

Our strengths are your advantages:

  • Family business with an innovative mindset and continuous technological development
  • Fast order throughput & shorter delivery times
  • Highly flexible in production and delivery
  • Manufacturing expertise
  • Low logistical effort
  • Long-term, comprehensive supplier management & secure material availability

All processes happen under one roof:

  • Manufacture of steel conveyor belt drums
  • Manufacture of stainless-steel conveyor belt drums
  • Manufacture of plastic conveyor belt drums (PUR-RIM)
  • Coatings with commercially available rubber and seamless polyurethane

State-of-the-art production for maximum efficiency and quality

Our production facility comprises several halls, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery that leaves nothing to be desired. We use CNC precision manufacturing and CNC milling to guarantee the highest degree of accuracy and efficiency in our production process. Our facilities are always kept state-of-the-art, including a modern sandblasting system for work up to 6,000 mm in length and a rotational moulding process for PUR coatings up to 3,000 mm in length and 600 mm in diameter. The integration of robot technology into our production processes underlines our commitment to innovation and quality.

And to make sure that everything runs smoothly right from the start:

… we manufacture all new commissions according to your drawings & requirements
… we conduct discussions in person and at your company
… we advise you on the design of your drums with proof of calculation
… we renew with rubber or PU coatings when worn
… our quality management system is certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015