We are your specialist for:

Steel and stainless-steel processing

Technical data:

  • Conveyor belt drums up to 800 mm diameter and 3,400 mm length
    (larger diameters and lengths available on request)
  • Possible belt drum types are:
    Drive drums, deflection drums, pressure drums, rod and tensioning drums, other drum types available on request

All drums can be manufactured with the following components:

  • Pedestal bearings
  • Flange bearings
  • Internal bearing (special manufacturing process)
  • Shaft and hub connection with clamping set
  • Rubber friction linings (see also Coatings)
  • PU friction linings (see also Plastic production)

Plastics production

Plastic conveyor belt drums are manufactured using a special process. They are impact-resistant and resistant to alkalis, acids, oils and greases. The conveyor belt drums and idlers come in various shapes and coatings with highly abrasion-resistant PU systems and meet the highest quality requirements. The products are therefore ideal for wet areas and for transporting general cargo and foodstuffs.

Technical data:

  • 50 to 300 mm in diameter
  • Up to 2,500 mm in length
  • Cylindrical, spherical or conical as well as special contours
  • Can be manufactured with cast-in shaft made of steel/stainless steel
  • Internal bearing and clamping set design
  • Shore hardnesses from 62°– 92° Shore A

If you have special requirements or need different dimensions, please contact us with your enquiry!


The drums we manufacture can be coated with all commercially available rubber and plastic friction linings. Whether smooth or profiled: we focus entirely on your requirements and systematically develop the ideal solution together with you. Here too, consistently high quality is our top priority.

Technical data:

  • Rubber, smooth or serrated from 50°– 70° Shore A
  • Rubber white food-safe 55°– 65° Shore A
  • Ceramics
  • PU system Baytec natural or red (polyurethane) from 62°– 92° Shore A (other colours on request)
  • PUR-RIM black 72° Shore D
  • Special coverings such as carpet possible on request